If you’re planning to go on a month long vacation, why not try the charms of Australia? In terms of land area, it comes at the sixth spot of the biggest nations after United States, Brazil, Russia, Canada, and China. As opposed to others, this region offers the warmest of welcomes from its people.

The most luxurious of hotels can easily be found here to give you enough time to relax. If you want to go and tour the city, there are a handful must see things here. One of the most top things to see here would include the trademark pair of a koala and its favorite food: eucalyptus. This place is also the perfect place where you can find kangaroos and other cool animals.

If you’re into marine attractions, then take a dive here at the Great Barrier Reef. Surely this will be a memorable experience as you can explore the most beautiful corals and interact with different marine species. In Australia, you can also appreciate world class talent by visiting the heritage site: Sydney Opera House. This opera house by the bay is one of the things that you should visit as it is sure to provide you with the best performances you can think of. So whenever you think of traveling abroad, take into account the lavish beauty of Australia; this place will guarantee you the best time you’ll ever have.