Attracting tons and tons of visitors every year, Dublin is probably the best choice for all you travelers out there. Why you ask? It’s simple: think about all things perfect for vacation and you have this place! Crammed with so many things to do and various scenic sights to see, this will be the perfect place to relax and experience new things. It is also a very historical and contemporary place.

You will definitely not be bored here as you can visit historic places or just splurge on shopping with great bargain deals. This city is also rich in its history and most of the world class artists and musicians come from here. Also, people who reside here are very friendly and will welcome you with smiles on their faces.

Some notable attractions to visit here are the Dublin Castle, the Dublin Spire, the Guinness House, Trinity College, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Ha’penny Bridge, the Custom House, the G.P.O., the Abbey Theater, Casino Marino, Dalkey Island, the Pearse Museum, the Old Jameson Distillery, St. Michan’s Church, St. Stephen’s Green, Ratfarnham Castle, Phoenix Park and many more. Hop on and stop by here at Dublin, and experience the best relaxation you can ever think of!